Pretty Boy Floyd Box
Pretty Boy Floyd Box


Pretty Boy Floyd Box

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Pickup available at Red Plains Grand Butchery (Dr. Pepper Building) Local Pickup Available (Tuesdays: 2:00-5:00pm ONLY) Usually ready in 2-4 days

Pretty Boy Floyd Box

Red Plains Grand Butchery (Dr. Pepper Building) Local Pickup Available (Tuesdays: 2:00-5:00pm ONLY)

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

136 Oak Main Avenue
Comanche OK 73529
United States

Step into the realm of bold flavors and smoked perfection with The Pretty Boy Floyd Box, an exclusive offering from the Grand Ranch designed for those who appreciate the art of smoking. This meat subscription box is a symphony of smoke-infused delights that will take your culinary skills to new heights.

Inside The Pretty Boy Floyd Box, you'll uncover:

  • 1 Tri-Tip Roast: Revel in the savory goodness of our Tri Tip Roast, a versatile cut that graces the smoker with its rich marbling and juicy tenderness. The roast is around 1 1/2-2 1/2 lbs.

  • 1 Thor’s Hammer: Unleash the power of flavor with Thor’s Hammer, a substantial and flavorful cut that's perfect for smoking to perfection. Each cut is around 3 1/2-4 1/2 lbs.

  • 1 Rack Dino Ribs: Transport your taste buds to the prehistoric era with the indulgence of Dino Ribs, a rack that promises succulence and a smoky essence. Each rack of ribs 4 -6 lbs.

  • 1 pack Flankenstyle Ribs: Elevate your smoking game with Flankenstyle Ribs, offering a unique cut that ensures a mouthwatering experience with every bite. Each pack is 1/2" thick, and around 6-10 oz.

  • 2 Beef Ribs: Immerse yourself in the hearty and robust taste of our Beef Ribs, a perfect canvas for absorbing the rich smoky essence. Each pack is 2" thick with four ribs, and around 1 1/2-2 lbs.

  • 3 Osso Buco: Experience the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of Osso Buco, a flavorful addition to your smoking repertoire that will leave a lasting impression. Each cut is 1 1/2" thick, and around 14-18 oz.

The Pretty Boy Floyd Box is a smoker's dream, bringing together a carefully selected assortment of cuts that thrive under the influence of smoke. Sourced from the Grand Ranch, each piece reflects our commitment to quality and an unforgettable dining experience. Subscribe today and let The Pretty Boy Floyd Box be your passport to a world of smoky indulgence.