Meet our partner Ranches

We are proud to partner with some of the finest ranches, each dedicated to sustainable practices and humane treatment of their animals. These ranches provide premium quality meat that not only tastes great but is also raised responsibly. We invite you to explore and enjoy the unique offering from each of our esteemed partner ranches by trying one of their specially curated boxes.



In 2018, Dusty and Marisa decided to try something different. Both working full-time jobs, they saw an opportunity. Dusty, inspired by his past experience working with bison during summers at Oklahoma State, was motivated by the history and significance of this iconic animal.

In May 2018, they started raising bison with one yearling bull and four yearling heifers, converting Dusty’s parents’ former dairy farm into their bison operation. A year later, Dusty launched a YouTube channel to educate and share their journey. By October 2021, they purchased their own property, “The Ponderosa,” and expanded their herd.

In just over five years, they grew from 5 to over 60 bison. Today, they sell meat directly to customers and offer bison snack sticks, jerky, and merchandise online. They focus on improving herd genetics and expanding their ranching business.

Partner Ranch

Nitschke Natural Beef

After some big health setbacks after their kids were born, Gary and Lauren decided to make some changes and start eating healthier and exercising more. But as they learned more about their food and what all goes into it, they knew they had to do more. Longing for better, more reliable meat than grocery stores offered, they read up on grassfed beef and became convinced that was the right choice for them.

Today, they raise healthy, delicious Certified Grassfed beef for you and your family on the rolling plains and Beaver Creek bottomlands in far south-central Oklahoma! Their cattle are always treated with respect and gentleness. And no worries: never any added hormones or antibiotics!